MediaCoder NT

MediaCoder NT is branch version of MediaCoder with brand new design, featuring more user-friendly interface, more logical and straight-forward operation flow and more batch processing features. It is dedicated for users who need to perform massive transcoding on daily basis.

Features in brief:

  • High-performance and high-quality encoding to H.264 in 3GP/MP4/MKV/F4V containers
  • Multi-threaded encoding
  • Pipelined task processing
  • Adding watermark to video
  • Joining/splitting content in batches
  • Remote access and adiministration
  • Watch-folder
  • Customizable post-processing for complete automation (e.g. file uploading and submittion)
  • SDK available for 3rd-party integration



Simple Configurations

Preset Manager

Transcoding Tasks


Free Download

MediaCoder NT can be downloaded from here.